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No #2 PEE-YOO! – bathroom spray


Upcountry Soap Company presents #2 PEE-YOO!

The best thing since sliced bread! Are you tired of having to go use the other bathroom because someone dropped a stink bomb in the one you were going to use? Or do you want to discreetly poo with no one knowing at work or the restaurant? Well now you no longer have to worry!

Welcome to the best bathroom experience yet!


100% all natural toilet bowl spray. Contains an odor neutralizer to keep stinky smells in the bowl and out of the bathroom. Handmade with love in the USA. Plus it works beyond the bathroom!
Unlike other toilet sprays we added an odor neutralizer to make sure to trap those not so pleasant smells, essentials oils simply aren’t enough when your dealing with #2. Shake well (natural products can separate) and spray the water in the toilet to create a film over the top to trap your #2 in the odor eliminator. If you have not so stinky ones 2-3 sprays will suffice if your tend to be a little harsher on the nose 5-8 should do the trick.
Comes in either 4oz for home use or 10ML for on the go.
No #2 PEE-YOO! – bathroom spray

Product Highlights

Naturally Scented

Several Size Options

Works beyond the bathroom

Th best neutralizer!

All natural!

Handmade in the USA

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